Study area issues

Study area issues by Linda Blum, at 5:40 p.m. on 1 December 2008,

Thanks to the Owl Team for their responses.

If it were important to identify private landowners, one could easily get ownership information from the El Dorado County Tax Assessor's Office by looking up parcel numbers and tax information. I agree, though, that the more important point is recognition that the private lands in the checkerboard of the "control" owl sites are not "no action" control sites.

Accounting for habitat changes on those lands in the interpretation of study results may not be as problematic as first thought. Didn't Seamans, Bond, and/or others already classify timber strata in the study area for the 2004 paper on modelling nesting habitat? Using aerial photos and LIDAR, can't both public and private lands be roughly classified remotely?

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