Response to Owl Team Response of November 5

Response to Owl Team Response of November 5 by Steven Self, at 8:00 a.m. on 1 December 2008,

It is good to see that the owl team has become aware of their mis-information regarding private land ownership within the Eldorado Demographic Study Area (EDSA). However, in this response, there is no mention of the need to obtain permission from landowners in order to access private land. This is an important issue to Sierra Pacific Industries and other private landowners. Other than use of public roads, access to private land is by permission only. To date In the EDSA, this has not been a large issue for SPI as we own very little land within the study area, Hopefully, as landowners are contacted for information regarding forest management activities during the SNAMP study period, permission to access the lands will be obtained, as needed.

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