Splat Implementation - Aug 19, 2008

Splat Implementation - Aug 19, 2008 by Susie Kocher, at 12:14 p.m. on 9 September 2008,

Hi Linda,

Thanks for sharing these comments with us. I will forward them on to the UC Science Team as we are definitely interested in public comments on the project.

However, as you probably know, the UC Science Team is not involved in designing the SPLAT strategy or the projects in particular, since that is within the purview of the USFS and their management responsibility. In other words, the Science Team is studying effects of these treatments rather than participate in the treatment design.

Still, your comments are valuable to us, especially within the Public Participation Team in that they help us better understand the issues around the treatments and so help us better to understand how to involve the public and work to make sure questions from the public about the project are answered.

At the last integration team meeting that you attended on July 25th in Auburn, the issue of the strategy behind Last Chance Project SPLATs was discussed. A key agreement from that meeting was that Kim Rodrigues and Ann Huber of the UC Science Team committed to working with the USFS to produce information on treatment placement strategy for the Integration Team.

Hopefully the soon to be released Environmental Assessment referenced in Karen Jone's email will include some of the more specific information that you request. If not, we will work with our agency partners to try to address your questions.

Thanks again,

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