Please accept the our following comments on this study proposal.

  1. The Tahoe National Forest remains committed and excited about hosting this study. We believe that the proposal will improve the design and effectiveness of our projects currently planned for the area, and will also provide important insight that can be used elsewhere on the forest.

  2. We would like to discuss further the anticipated impacts on Water Quantity and Quality. At the scale and intensity that we are working at, we would not anticipate changes in flow regime. We would actually expect greater negative changes in water quality by not managing our watersheds. We need to compare any effects of our management with the anticipated effects of not managing the ecosystem.

  3. In examining wildlife responses to treatments, we hope that your assumptions will include "growing out" the landscape in and around treatments, so as to recognize the dynamic nature of our forests and "suitable habitat".

  4. The proposal will leverage and will likely capitalize on past investments the Region has made in the area. This includes intensive vegetation plots and mapping and Fire Regime Condition Class Mapping, all of which are central to designing effective, integrated vegetation projects.

  5. This draft workplan follows the American River Ranger District outyear vegetation management program. We are very supportive of any effort to learn more about potential treatments for the Manila Canyon design project area. We are also looking forward to learning more about implementation of the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment 2004 and the adaptive management strategies available to us.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this effort.

Jan Cutts District Ranger American River RD/Tahoe NF jcutts@fs.fed.us 530-367-2224

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